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Consistent writer since a few weeks ago. Not all published stories are good ones, but that’s getting better. In some cool pubs, too.
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Self help isn’t meant to be “other’s help” or widely apply, and yet, most self-help creators share it to be exactly that, because they, at some level, need to sell you on something.

Self-help is a complicated topic, because if it weren’t such a profitable industry, I truly believe that…

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On August 14th, I wrote a piece titled: Today, I Write. It was about beginnings. It was about stepping into something new, even though I didn’t fully understand what that even meant.

I wrote about wanting to commit to something and see it through, even though in the past, I…

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Our world fights against hope and positivity. The news is negative, social media is just the highlights from angry people, the world is burning up, corporations are evil, politicians are corrupt, the pandemic won’t end, and families are falling apart.

There’s a lot of money in keeping us upset. The…

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Ron Rivera, the head coach of the Washington Football Team, is immuno-comprimised. Why, you ask?

He battled cancer throughout 2020, and literally got cancer treatments throughout the first half of 2020 while still coaching. He’s now pretty upset with his team not getting vaccinated.

Vaccines aren’t being required for players…

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Is it better to write for quantity or for quality? This is a big question, and there are answers all over.

Frankly, it’s not a real question. “Quality” is subjective. It always has been. Good writing is writing that people can relate to.

But if it’s written from your life…

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Tim Ferriss changed the world.

Whether for better or worse is up for discussion, but Tim Ferriss pioneered the idea of Lifestyle Design, a topic in the world that makes digital nomad lifestyles possible and encourages us to travel the world as remote workers.

In his book, the 4-hour workweek, Tim Ferriss lays out all…

When I was a college student, I studied business and ended up writing a lot of papers. Some of them were really good, and a lot of them had elements of good writing and elements of bad writing. Some were mostly bad writing.

To be fair, a lot of them…

“FINE” I slammed my car door and started the engine. This always happens. I sped out of the apartment complex into the night.

I often respond to my anger this way, slamming doors and storming off to seethe. But in all of the times I’ve lost my temper and gotten…

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When disagreements arise, I’m right and you’re wrong. That’s how everyone approaches arguments. Myself included. I’m right until I’m proven otherwise, and even then, my pride won’t let me admit I’m wrong enough to change my mind anyway.

But what if we approached disagreements differently?

What if you’re the one…

Surely members of this crowd are rude, selfish, and arrogant. Other members are kind and caring, and others are generally indifferent to me. Also, this photo was taken by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Every single day, we encounter people in our routine. I run into people at work, on my daily walks through my neighborhood, at the grocery store running errands, and on social media on Twitter and other platforms.

I probably exchange a word with more than 50 people on an average…

Joel Sigrist

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